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niibin 2007 Students learned about the role of Civil Engineers in bridge and building construction. Students constructed bridges connecting marshmellows with toothpicks and tressel bridges with steel square pipe. Students created "earthquake safe" buildings with K'Nex and tested the construction's strength on the shake tab, a machine programmed with historical earthquake movement patterns prepared to test student construction, . Multi-Axial Subassemblage Testing (MAST) Laboratory Scientists demonstrated the value of the shake table. Students visited MAST laboratory and saw the life size building models. Students studied a number of buidling constructions used throughout the world and participated in constructing a teepee, directed by Jim Northrup Jr. and his family.

It was gidakiimanaaniwigamig's first introduction to the LacCore laboratory where students viewed the core taken from Big Lake during biboon 2007 camp.