g i d a k i i m a n a a n i w i g a m i g


circle of lifecountingwaterstudy



dagwaagin 2011 continued their study of water quality by collecting a number of water samples and looking at the "bugs" under microscopes at the college. A game demonstrating the "circle of life" as it relates to fish clarified the importance of clean water. Toxins in the water became more obvious through a ratio study of which fish eat other fish - multiplying thier toxins or lack of toxin.

An additional linoleum block project was completed. Students chose a northern Minnesotan animal, drew and then carved the image out of linoleum. Blocks were printed on white, red, yellow, blue and green. Prints were then sewn on to a string and hung in the tradional of the Tibetian Prayer Flag.

Science Fair research continued.