g i d a k i i m a n a a n i w i g a m i g

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biboon 2013

gichi-manidoo-giizis Friday night everyone worked together to make birdhouses to give to the elders. With the winter weather we hoped the elders would enjoy watching the birds outside their windows. On Saturday students cored Bang Lake. Initial observations and documentations were written, drawn and discussed. That night we served the evening meal at the pow wow. We also spent time introducing ourselves in Ojibwe.

namebini-giizis Review of the coring process was made fun through "coring cupckaes". Time was spent outside snowshoeing

onaabani-giizis Time was spent with inquiry. Small boxes were prepared with a variety of known objects that students had to identify through questioning, using their senses and working as a group. We were visited by gida students from years [ast. They bring encouragement and joy to camp.

Study in the FDLTCC labs focused on macrofossils, diatoms and phytoliths.