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biboon 2012

gichi-manidoo-giizis Friday night programming highlighted the leaders in our community with the skill of story telling. Guests included included Nikki Crow, 13 Moons; Rick Anderson, Cultural Based Arts Integration/ISD2142 Director; Wayne Dupris, Native Men's Video Project and Lorraine Norgard, local filmaker . Students continued their study of the St. Louis River Water shed (Kowalcsak) and studied the Choloea epidemics as it realtes to Wild rice (Breakenridge). during Saturday AM classes. Afternoon activites provided manoomin project teams time to continue research at the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in three different areas of study; phytoliths (Thompson/Yellowman) , diatoms (Woods) and macrofossils (Drake/Ray). gidakiimananaaniwigamig classes were held for younger students at the forestry felting wool (Olson)- an industry that relies heavily on water for it's manufacturing.

namebini-giizis Friday night gathering in the forum presented the current research project being conducted by Chris Cassandro, a Bilogy student at the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College and student of Mick Galespi. The balance of the evening allowed young girls to understand how to put on make-up/skin care while all others gathered outside for a campfire where bisqued clay pots were fired. Campers included a group of students from the University of Minnesota studying American Indian culture.

Saturday morning students continued their study of the St. Louis River Water shed (Kowalcsak) and basic chemistry experiments (Ray) during Saturday AM classes. The afternoon allowed for all students to participate in manoomin research at the Fond du Lac Tribal and Communitiy College in Phytoliths (Thompson/Yellowman), Diatoms (Woods) and Maccrofossils (Ray/Drake). During the evening an additional campfire was lit to cure the fired pots with oil in hopes of cooking wildrice in March while the entire group participated in a geocash using GPS coordinates in Ojibwe. Ojibwe Numbers

onaabani-giizis Friday night gave students and teachers time to discuss the purpose of the scientific presentation posters. Everyone helped as teams created their poster outlines.

Saturday morning teams worked with their University of Minnesota mentors. In the afternoon Christa and Courtney worked with students on Tree identyfication. Posters were worked with all in the computer lab until cinner.

Saturday evening Holly talked with specific students who are attending NAISEF and GSA. Lowana led Ojibwe Bingo with balance of campers. After dinner students built 3D construction out of 2D supplies and continued their study of wind power/energy.