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biboon 2009-10 December camp gida students identfied and prepared themselves for their part in the manoomin project. Students also worked with Gary Benenson from City College, NYC on pop-up cards (The Algebra Project), a hand's on approach to understanding Algebra.

gichi-manidoo-giizis Lake Team #1 cored Perch Lake on Saturday morning/early afternoon. Students continued research and preparations for thier Science Fair projects. Scientific tests were conducted while others continued research and made further preparations for to be completed within the next month.

namebini-giizis began with a Friday Forum presented by FDL Natural Resources Director Tom Howse at the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College. Lake Team #2 cored Rice Portage Saturday morning. Over the weekend students spent time working on a number of activities including plate tetonics map study (LacCore grad student), snowshoe and tobaggen Math activity (gida teachers) and studying the work of artist George Morrrison (gida teachers). Students created pastel landscapes reflecting Morrison's well known "horizon line" painting and scultural work.

onaabani-giizis welcomed visitors from the Flathead Reservation. Members of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, near Pablo, Montana came to visit gida as they create their own programming to encourage young people in the Sciences. Lake Team #3 cored DeadFish. Everyone attended thecoring as well as Robofest. AlBrook School sponsored a Robotfest 2010 (with support from gidaakimanaaniwigamig and UM) for this first year. A number of gida students participated in this first Robofest with the VEX and Lego's We-do.