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The AlBrook School was represented by nine students at the Northeast Minnesota Regional Science fair held February 5, at the University of MN
Duluth. 7th graders Lindsey Janke and Krystal Karpinnen presented their project "Attracting Dog Scents" which studied which odors were most attractive to dogs.  Another 7th grader, Lindsey Weme's, "Candy made with sugar, or sugar and splenda, or splenda alone" asked which type of candy most people prefer, and another 7th grader, Anna Warner, researched the relationship between air pressure and the height of bounce in volleyballs.

Several AlBrook students received special awards for their projects, including 7th grader Connor Houle for his project "Which fuel contains the
most energy?"  Connor was awarded the the Lake Superior Chapter of the American Chemical Society's special chemistry award.  Junior Rhiannon Klein was awarded the National Society of Engineers Innovative Engineering award
for the project "External EGR valve (for a small engine)", and Juniors Emily Bernu and Brittany Brigan were awarded second place in the Environmental Management Category, and won an American fisheries society award for their project "clams vs fertilizer" which studied clams ability to improve water quality in fertilizer and algae rich ecosystems.

Three Albrook student's projects were awarded first place in their category, and will move on to state competition.  Seventh grader Connor Houle won the middle school chemistry division, and Rhiannon Klein won the high school Electrical and Mechanical engineering category.  Chase Viche, an AlBrook Freshman and science fair veteran, took first place honors in the High school chemistry category, with his project measuring the amount of copper in pennies of different vintage.

seasonal camps

Throughout the year students meet regulatrily to study the earth while reconnecting with friends and mentors. Students work on hand's-on projects in small groups and indiviually. Guest Scientist and Artists regularily visit camp to present their area of study.

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science fairs


fluid power

Regular participation in area Science Fairs Competitions are expected by all students in gida. Time is dedicated at camp to research and study indivual topics. Robotics and Fluid Dynamics study is integrated into camp, and science fair projects, as needed. gidakiimanaaniwigamig also suppots classroom and afte-school programs in Robotics and Fluid Dynamics.

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manoomin project

gidakiimanaaniwigamig high school students will be working with college interns and scientists from the Fond du Lac Natural Resources an University of Minnesota Limnilogical - LaCorre to study wild rice lakes on the Fond du Lac reservation. This is a five year study.

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